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What is Tacbotz?

Tacbotz is a trading algorithm that combines all of its proprietary signals to give the best trading decision to its users based on volume, price action, indicator trends, and levels of manipulation in a way that’s easy to see and simple to use.



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TACBOTZ is an amazing tool for perfecting your edge to get more consistent results. Like gloves during the winter, not needed but very useful. This algorithm is also great for letting you know when to exit or cut losses (background color change). If you look at this algorithm in a video game perspective, I'm sure you can find consistent results!

The signals provided by TACBOTZ are so accurate and powerful. I was a bit worried about a learning curve, but this wasn’t a problem at all. The simple and aesthetic UI helps me make confident and effortless trades. I love using the painted backgrounds to show me the direction of the market. Combined with the TACBOTZ Signals Dashboard, I am always ready for the next trade.
Joshua Do
"TACBOTZ is helpful, in my opinion, to both new and experienced traders. New traders get guidance in the form of various signals (volume spikes, potential good entries, background colors), which is helpful when used stand-alone, or in combination with other indicators. Experienced traders can use TACBOTZ as affirmation to their own thesis / trading methodologies, or as an added check-&-balance to validate their strategy. Personally, TACBOTZ has changed the way I "hunt" for plays, and with the ongoing dashboard development, I forsee an extremely efficient process for me to trade around my full-time job."
- TACBOTZ is a great tool to have, as it can help you stay in a profitable trade when the candles tell you otherwise. Using TACBOTZ, I have been more profitable in the scalping realm of crypto, as it provides me confirmation to stay in a trade once I have utilized my TA to get in one. I don't necessarily look at TACBOTZ first, but I use it as a tool to complement my technical analysis. It has become second nature for me to incorporate TACBOTZ into my analysis on charts. There were a few times where I tried to trade against what the signals were telling me, and those trades ultimately failed.

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