Tacbotz INdicator

14 days free trial
$ 19
  • Detect the direction of trends in the price - using confluence between moving averages and oscillators
  • Detect volume trends - using moving averages and volume bar to volume bar comparisons 3. Automatic and real-time support & resistance levels - by using calculations that detect irregular price action patterns
  • Identify ideal entries and exits that are volume , trend, and/or support & resistance driven by identifying confluences on the above signals
  • Combine signals to form advanced strategies by using repeatable patterns such as Sc0 entry to Fade, or Sc1 entry to Fade
  • Filter out bad and/or dangerous entries by avoiding entering longs into resistance levels, or shorts into support levels
  • Identify holding conditions by scaling out with exit signals or monitoring background trend color (toggle Background Trend to "On" in the settings)

Tacbotz Coaching

Signal Coaching
$ 74
1 hour
  • In Person Signal Coaching
  • Support / Resistance Levels
  • Access Trading Algorithm
  • Real-Time Data (NYSE/NASDAQ/OTC)
  • Live Trade
  • Trading Tutorials (Step-by-Step Guide)